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Kelly Ripa rants at Mark Consuelos over his lack of attention on LIVE

Kelly Ripa eagerly welcomed her husband, Mark Consuelos, back to his seat as co-host on LIVE with Kelly and Mark, but she seemed a bit fired up about something.

After a quick trip to Africa for a wedding, Kelly returned to work while Mark went to Italy to check on his beloved Campobasso FFC soccer team.

Kelly Ripa, Mark Consuelos didn't want to cohost 'Live' together

Kelly ranted after listening to Mark and giving him her full attention about his soccer team in Italy because she felt he wasn’t giving that attention back to her.

Fans of Kelly Ripa know all too well just how much she cares about her health because of the attention she gives to her diet and workout routine.

Kelly adheres to a strict diet, which many fans think is too extreme, but she seems concerned about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and needs Mark’s help.

Kelly revealed in her rant on the show that she has asked Mark to look at an essential piece of her medical testing results for the last three months, and he can’t be bothered.

Kelly declares, ‘I am at the bottom of the pile’

Mark Consuelos says some topics ARE off the table when hosting Live! with  wife Kelly Ripa | Daily Mail Online
Kelly is always there for Mark, even returning to work and having to have a fill-in co-host because of a soccer game.

Mark will fly to Italy to visit the team, where he is a part owner, any spare weekend that he can, even at the expense of work.

It all came to a head on the show when Kelly shared that she doesn’t understand the numbers on a medical test for cholesterol and that Mark gets it.

But she’s asked him to look at her results for the last three months. She began her tirade by saying, “In my next life, I want to be a footballer in a soccer club my husband owns.”

Kelly seems to feel that Mark is not giving her enough attention if he cannot even look at her essential documents. She finished her verbal onslaught: “I am at the bottom of the pile.”

When she shared her feelings with Mark, he assured her he would put her at the top of the pile as soon as the soccer season ended!

The longtime married couple may have to discuss the subject with their therapist at their next appointment.

While Mark was away Andy Cohen proved he could bring the energy to Stump Mark
While Mark stayed away from the show an extra day in Italy, Andy Cohen co-hosted with Kelly. Andy could take Mark’s spot for the Stump Mark trivia contest.

Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa Initially Thought Hosting “Live” Together  Would Be 'Insane': 'The Answer Was No'

Kelly shared a photo on her Instagram showing Andy’s excitement during Stump Mark.

Kelly Ripa shared a photo of her and Andy Cohen on LIVE

Mark is famous for wanting the contestant to lose Stump Mark and not get the mug or t-shirt, and Andy feels the same way about it.

Andy won against a caller who had been to Dollywood, which coincidentally is a spot where Kelly wants to film the show, and was gleeful when he won.

Andy declared, “I’ve got it, Mark Consuelos!” Move over, Mark; Andy is gunning for your spot.

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