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Mark Consuelos Tells ‘Live’ That Watching Kelly Ripa Shower Is “Like Going To A Car Wash”

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos tackled a soapy subject on this morning’s Live with Kelly and Mark.

Ripa explained that Live‘s EP Michael Gelman approached her with an article about “whether or not you need to wash your legs” in the shower.

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“Now, as I said to Gelman, when I wash my body in the shower, which I do often and frequently, sometimes three times a day, I wash as though I’ve been exposed to nuclear radiation,” she quipped.

After Ripa emphasized that she “scrub[s] every part of [her] body as though it’s been exposed to something,” Consuelos teased, “You’re like a little cat.”

Ripa shared, “But anyway, they’re saying that unless you’re aggressively sweating, you don’t need to wash your legs in the shower,” she shared, prompting Consuelos to note, “You are aggressively sweating, though.”

Ripa confirmed that she “aggressively sweat[s],” and therefore washes her legs and feet.

Gelman chimed in from off-camera, noting that you should “definitely” wash your legs and feet if you’re doing any physical activities like gardening, running, or hot yoga.

Ripa, who mentioned earlier on in their host chat that she used to run to The Shawshank Redemption soundtrack, replied, “After you listen to The Shawshank Redemption and you go for a run in Central Park, you’re scrubbing every part. All the parts are getting scrubbed.”

Consuelos joked, “Looking for little nail files to get out of jail.”

Ripa asked Consuelos, “You wash every part of your body, don’t you? I mean, you scrub it down.”

Consuelos confirmed, but clarified, “Sometimes I take a quick shower where I’m just in and out. It’s like my second shower of the day, it’s a quick one. It’s not a lot of scrubbing, just a lot of rinsing.”

Ripa jokingly scoffed, “Huh.”

Consuelos added, “Watching you take a shower — which is always quite nice — is like going to the car wash and watching them, like watching one of those —”

He then proceeded to imitate the machinery at a car wash, fit with noises, as well.

Afterward, Ripa claimed that she “prepare[s] for every second of every day as though [she] could be in a horrible accident.”

“And here’s what I want them to say when I’m on the gurney: ‘This one was clean,’” she said. “There’s like no forensic evidence anywhere at all.”

Consuelos reiterated that his showers are “pretty fast, especially if it’s a second one of the day, like after a work-out or something.”

However, Ripa iterated, “Every shower for me is the first shower.”

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