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Kelly Ripa reveals reason for not washing hair for two weeks

Kelly Ripa shares about how she treats her hairs by not washing them for couple days

Kelly Ripa reveals healthy hair routine

Kelly Ripa has a unique way to take care of her hair.

The daytime talk show host recalled when she went two weeks without washing her hair, expecting a result that would shock everyone.

“They call it oil-training your hair,” Kelly told her husband Mark Consuelos and cohost of Live with Kelly and Mark on the May 16 episode, per People.

“Remember I did it on vacation? I took an entire vacation, two weeks, where I did not wash my hair. And I just applied oil to the ends of my hair.”

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However, Kelly admitted that it was not that easy for her. She remembered how she had to “push through” the starting few days of the no-wash hack.

“The first three days, your hair looks disgusting,” the 53-year-old detailed. “But then, something happens, where it suddenly looks amazing. Like you’re in a Breck commercial. It’s bouncing and behaving, it’s settled into its dirtiness.”

In the end, Kelly shared the results she got.

“I looked like a Westminster Dog,” she said, referencing the dog beauty contest.

“It was like, giant hair. I went back to New Jersey in the ’80s. It was just like, cascading hair.”

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