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Kelly Ripa got into trouble while preparing to appear on Live this morning

Kelly Ripa kept it real with Live with Kelly and Mark viewers this morning. Once she and Mark Consuelos sat down to greet the studio audience, the latter asked his wife and co-host how she’s doing with a knowing chuckle.

“I’m fine. I almost didn’t make it out here, literally,” she shared.

Ripa revealed that she thought they had 15 minutes prior to the start of the show, when in reality, “they actually said 15 seconds.”

“So I was like, I’m going to use the restroom,” she continued. “And everyone’s like, ‘Where’s Kelly? Where’s Kelly?’ And you know how you get performance anxiety? You know what I mean?”

Consuelos said, “Yes, I do know that very well.”

Ripa continued, “So now imagine people waiting outside and you’re listening to them count down how many seconds until the show, and you’re like, ‘No, please! Please!’”

Consuelos highlighted, “But you made it.”

Ripa quipped, “Kind of, yeah,” and earned herself a round of applause.

After the two transitioned into the weather, they noted that a thunderstorm is arriving in New York City on Friday “just in time for the weekend.”

“Give me my rain on the weekends, that’s what I say,” Ripa joked.

She then brought attention to the soundstage’s fake cityscape backdrop.

“Because when we’re in this building — by the way, this is not a real window, and that is fake outside,” she quipped, teasing that they work “in a windowless” space.

Consuelos asked, “Didn’t you have somebody…?”

Ripa replied, “My aunt?”

She then recounted to viewers how her aunt mistakes the show’s fake backdrop for the “real outside,” and “sees people moving” in it.

“She sees people moving. She can see them moving back there,” she explained. “And I go, ‘Well, no, you can’t, because there aren’t any. It’s a picture.’ But, you know, we see what we choose to see when we choose to see it.”

Consuelos added, “Perspective is everything.”

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