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Preview — Fire Country Season 2 Episode 10: Will Gabriela and Bode’s Love Prevail?

It’s a race against the clock for Bode on Fire Country Season 2 Episode 10, “I Do.”

After a jaw-dropping and highly-anticipated cliffhanger on “No Future, No Consequences,” we find Bode and Gabriela’s relationship in a state of flux after their kiss.

Fire Country Season 2 Episode 10 I Do Barclay Hope as Father Pascal, and Rafael De La Fuente as Diego Moreno

Gabriela is still preparing to follow through with her marriage to Diego after her spontaneous meetup with Bode, but according to the promo video below, it won’t come to fruition if Bode has anything to say about it.

Fire Country Season 2 Episode 10 I Do Adam Aalderks as Rick Stengler and Max Thieriot as Bode Leone

Meanwhile, Manny’s future is a whirlwind of uncertainty as his fate teeters on the edge, with the arrest warrant that Luke orchestrated, casting a shadow over him and creating a sense of unease. Will he try to get help from those closest to him, or will he make a daring escape in a bid to relieve them of the burden of his secret?

Vince’s last duty as Station 42 chief will likely be pulling all the strings he can for Vince, but it’s unclear if we’ll get to see the rank transition from him to Sharon in the finale.

As an added surprise for the finale, the promo photos below reveal that we’ll see the return of Freddy Mills, who has been missing in action all season long after being released at the end of Season 1.

Check out the photos and promo video below for a preview!

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