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Below Deck Season 12 Crew Spotted Filming Again As Fan Photo Causes Massive Confusion (Spoilers)

The Below Deck franchise always has a season filming to have a constant rotation of shows airing, and now a photo taken by one of the franchise’s dedicated fans is causing confusion about who is returning for Below Deck season 12. Below Deck is a Bravo reality TV series that follows hardworking men and women on luxury yachts. There are two groups of workers on board: the interior crew, who take care of service and housekeeping, and the exterior crew, who are in charge of water sports, water toys, and keeping the outside of the boat shiny and clean.

” Anyone who can make out which people are in this picture deserves a medal. ”

Captain Kerry of Below Deck Season 11 in the captains quarters with his radio

One benefit of Below Deck being filmed in public spaces is that there are often updates by people who have spotted them filming. On the Below Deck Reddit page, Redditor LostArtifact198W posted a photo featuring crew members lined up on a dock with camera crews and said, “A friend of mine sent me this photo. Kerry, Fraser, Kyle, and Chef Anthony are back.”

However, not everyone seemed convinced, including Redditor FuzzyButterfly4267, who commented, “Anyone who can make out which people are in this picture deserves a medal.” Another Redditor, WitchE1, posted, “Need a much clearer picture with maybe somebody’s face.” Some fans in the Reddit thread speculated about certain cast members that they saw in the photo, but no one could get a clear idea of whether the OP was right that Anthony was returning.

What To Expect From Below Deck Season 12
Captain Kerry & Fraser Olender Are The Only Two Confirmed To Return

Fraser Olender on Below Deck wearing blue shirt in front of a linen closet

Below Deck season 12 is currently filming, and there is a lot of speculation surrounding who is returning. Two confirmed returns have already been made: Captain Kerry Titheradge and Chief Stew Fraser Olender from Below Deck season 11. Captain Kerry is a very personable, fair, and understanding captain who takes his job very seriously due to the major responsibilities that come with it. Fraser has had his fair share of ups and downs while being a Chief Stew, from mishandling conflicts with the stews in his charge to his interactions with the two separate chefs in Below Deck season 11.

Fraser has undergone intense scrutiny for his behavior as Chief Stew in Below Deck season 11. In the beginning, Fraser seemed to be a friendly boss who wanted to ensure his staff was happy and doing okay. However, things started to change when Fraser began to be annoyed with Cat Baugh, whom he felt was always crying about something. Then when Cat left the St. David, Barbie Pascual became the stew with whom he had many issues, and he even lost his cool with her several times. There were times when Fraser unprofessionally gossiped about Barbie to co-worker Xandi Olivier.

Captain Kerry from Below Deck Season 11 on a Bravo red carpet in a suit

It was a surprise to find that Fraser was returning as Chief Stew for Below Deck season 12, but maybe there is hope that Fraser will have seen his behavior in the previous seasons and make some much-needed changes. Other speculations on who may be returning include Sunny Marquis, who was thought to be seen in a video of Below Deck being filmed. Sunny has had a very tumultuous relationship with Ben Willoughby, who was her Bosun, that was highly criticized. While the consensus is that Ben is not good for Below Deck, there’s hope that Kyle Stillie will return.

Below Deck is the type of reality TV show that enables viewers to develop favorite cast members and disdain others. It is important to keep in mind that the cast members are being filmed 24/7 through their frustrations, exhausted conversations, joys, and memorable experiences. There generally is not a moment when they can handle their emotions in private because the show’s point is to let fans see everything they are going through. While there may be some uncertainty surrounding who will be returning, the one thing that can be counted on is a very entertaining season of Below Deck.

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