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Exclusive Fire Country Sneak Peek: Gabriella’s Mother Makes Quite a (Surprise!) Entrance

Gabriella’s mother makes quite an entrance in TVLine’s exclusive sneak peek from this week’s episode of CBS’ Fire Country.

As TVLine was first to report, Paola Núñez — who last summer played The Fall of the House of Usher‘s Dr. Allesandra Ruiz aka Victorine’s (T’Nia Miller) girlfriend/colleague — will make her debut this Friday, May 3, in the role of Roberta, who is described as effusive, persistent, strong-willed and not one to keep quiet.

Roberta is also eager to reconnect with the daughter she barely knows. Ergo her unexpected RSVP for Edgewater’s annual Firefighters’ Ball, which is being co-hosted by Three Rock in a bid to impress the governor (Motherland: Fort Salem‘s Catherine Lough Haggquist) and save the camp.

Is Roberta quick to warm up to Gaby’s (Stephanie Arcila) fiancé, Diego (Rafael de la Fuente)? And what’s her dynamic with ex-husband Manny (Kevin Alejandro)? Press play above and witness her dazzling entrance.

Fire Country Spinoff Sheriff Photos

Is there any hope of Three Rock’s ball-hosting gesture saving the camp’s bacon, in the wake of CDCR’s shut-down order, “Let’s just say that there is some damage control, and there are a few unexpected turns in the fate of Three Rock,” Michael Trucco, who plays Luke, told TVLine.

As for where the season’s final episodes are heading, showrunner Nia Napolitano told TVLine that the May 17 finale will be a bit of a “bookend” to the Season 2 opener, which found everyone in new places/jobs.

“What I really wanted was for the finale to feel like a satisfying bookend to that very unusual, noisy launch where you felt like, ‘OK, people have traveled emotionally. Relationships have changed. Things have come full circle,’” the EP shared. “Things that were stated and done and choices that were made in the premiere… there are bookends to them, in a way that makes the season feel like one story that is of a piece and that propels us into next season.”

And yes, in addition to all those flowery words, there will be “twists and turns,” Napolitano promises. “Always.”

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