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How much did the Below Deck Season 11 cast make in tips? Six figure total revealed

The St. David crew worked hard for their tips on Below Deck Season 11, and they ended up with a six-figure total after the charter season was over.

Below Deck season 11 cast

There were many charter guests who were introduced on Below Deck Season 11, and it was the St. David crew’s job to make them happy to get a good tip.

From a Beyonce-themed birthday party to dealing with The Real Housewives of New York City alum Jill Zarin’s demanding needs, the crew pulled out all the stops to make each charter fun and exciting.

In the Below Deck Season 11 finale episode on May 27, Captain Kerry Titheradge revealed the tip amount for the last charter, which added to to $20,000 USD.

This made the grand total for the entire season $208,750 after nine groups came on board the St. David.

Below Deck charter guests

Tip totals from each charter of Below Deck Season 11
Here are the tip totals from the charter guests on Below Deck Season 11. (All amounts are in USD)

Charter 1: Brian and Rebecca Bailey – $25,000
Charter 2: Steven and Tara Damen – $22,500
Charter 3: Tina Smothers – $26,000
Charter 4: James and Lesley Gaudiosi – $30,000
Charter 5: Melinda Springer – $20,000
Charter 6: Carmen Felder and Brandon McLaughlin – $17,000
Charter 7: Alex Taylor – $23,000
Charter 8: Noreen and Rob Curry – $25,000
Charter 9: Michele Dozier – $20,000
The first charter welcomed newlyweds Brian and Rebecca Bailey, who awarded the crew with $25,000 USD. Steven and Tara Damen were the primaries for the second charter, and gave $22,500 USD to show their appreciation.

Primary charter guest Tina Smothers took her friends on a yachting getaway for the third charter, and provided a $26,000 tip.

James and Lesley Gaudiosi entered the boat for the fourth charter, and gave the highest tip with $30,000, despite the crew being two members down.

Former Real Housewife Jill tagged along on primary Melinda Springer’s charter, and gave the crew a lower tip than they expected with $20,000.

Jill Zarin Below Deck

Carmen Felder and Brandon McLaughlin, who called themselves “King and Queen,” took over for the sixth charter, and the crew got $17,000, which was the lowest tip of the season.

The crew became friendly with primary Alex Taylor and his social media influencer friends, and threw them a Christmas-themed party. Alex was happy with the service on the boat and gifted them $23,000.

Noreen and Rob Curry embarked on a shorter charter with their family, and handed the crew a generous $25,000 tip.

Michele Dozier was the last primary charter guest, and brought her group of friends on board to celebrate her 50th birthday. She rounded out the season with a $20,000 tip for the crew.

The Below Deck Season 11 crew members were excited to be rewarded with tips from the guests for their effort during the charter season.

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