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Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2 Gets Major Filming Update From Prentiss Actor

Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2 gets an optimistic filming update from Paget Brewster. FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) may have already taken down Sicarius’ serial killer network, but the work doesn’t stop for the profilers as they continue their crusade to figure out the mystery of Gold Star. In light of that, filming for Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2 has been going on for quite a while after it was delayed significantly due to the dual Hollywood strikes of 2023. Now, however, it sounds like the cast and crew are reaching towards the end of the process.
Taking it to his official X account, Brewster offers an update on the production process for Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2. Check out her post below:

According to Brewster, they are filming the final episode of Evolution season 2. Unlike the CBS show, the Paramount+ revival only has 10 episodes per year, allowing the show to delve deep into a single case.

The core cast of Criminal Minds: Evolution season 1 is set to return for the sophomore year, including the inaugural Unsub, Elias Voit. The BAU is also teaming up with the returning Tyler Green, whose identity remains a big mystery. Granted that his ties to Sicarius were established during the show’s debut year, he is likely more deeply connected to the mystery of Gold Star than initially perceived. His involvement in Evolution season 2 will also add another layer of drama after his fling with Penelope Garcia. Both Zach Gilford and Ryan-James Hatanaka previously shared filming updates as well.

Assuming that Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2 only has a couple of weeks left of filming, the show could return on Paramount+ before the year ends. After principal photography, the show will enter post-production, which can take a while, depending on how much work is left in terms of deciding on the final cuts of the episodes. For context, Criminal Minds: Evolution premiered in November 2022. The creatives behind the show are likely finished with the official copy by then, so Paramount+ could release season 2 around that same time as well, if not earlier.

Kirsten Vangsness as Garcia and Shemar Moore as Hondo in Criminal Minds

An unexpected good news for Shemar Moore effectively makes Derek Morgan’s much-anticipated Criminal Minds: Evolution return nearly impossible.
Besides its release date, another anticipated factor in Criminal Minds: Evolution is the possibility of seeing some original characters come back. Derek Morgan’s return could help not just with the case, but also Garcia’s increasingly complicated personal life with the return of Green. Meanwhile, Spencer Reid’s involvement could make Prentiss and the BAU’s life easier, considering the golden boy’s encyclopedic knowledge.

Criminal Minds Evolution

In Criminal Minds: Evolution, the FBIs elite team of criminal profilers come up against their greatest threat yet, an UnSub who has used the pandemic to build a network of other serial killers. As the world opens back up and the network goes operational, the team must hunt them down, one murder at a time. Original cast members continuing their roles include Joe Mantegna, A.J. Cook, Kirsten Vangsness, Aisha Tyler, Adam Rodriguez and Paget Brewster. Zach Gilford joins the dynamic cast as a recurring guest star in a season-long arc.

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