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With Will Trent heading to Puerto Rico in “Residente o Visitante” we didn’t expect much Betty

In episode 9 of Will Trent’s second season, “Residente o Visitante,” Will was heading to Puerto Rico with his uncle. It was a chance for the two men to connect and for Will to see where his mother was from. But based on the previews for the episode, we didn’t have a lot of hope that we would be seeing Betty if he was heading out of town.

WILL TRENT - ÒResidente o VisitanteÓ - To deepen his connection with his late mother, Will joins Antonio in Puerto Rico. Upon his return, he is quickly brought onto a case involving his uncleÕs old friend. Meanwhile, Faith and Ormewood investigate the mysterious death of a sex offender. TUESDAY, MAY 14 (8:00-9:00 p.m. EDT) on ABC. (Disney/Kenneth Rexach)

However, pretty quickly that idea was dispelled, as we not only got to see Betty taking care of Angie after she got hurt on the job, but we even got to see Betty again in the kitchen after Will gets home from his trip (it wasn’t nearly as long as we expected in terms of the episode length). We were definitely happy to be proven wrong about the potential lack of Betty in this Will Trent episode.

While acting as a mini-nursemaid for Angie, Betty was adorable wearing a little white bathrobe. And then when her dad gets home, and is trying to recreate the sofrito he tried in Puerto Rico, she appears to be rocking a colorful knit outfit that perfectly channels the islands. In both cases, Betty was a perfect addition to the scenes, and added that little something extra we love.


Honestly, even if these were the only moments we saw Betty in this episode, they would have been enough, because they really gave us those dog-centric scenes we love to see during Will Trent. However, there was a final moment that was truly too cute for words.

Betty always adds that little something extra to an episode of Will Trent and episode 9 was no exception
In the final scene with Will, Antonio, and Angie, Betty seems to be saying goodbye to Antonio and his dog, as she runs into the room with the mini burger squeaky toy she received from a social media follower and drops it at the feet of the bigger pup. After Angie takes Betty out of the room to allow Will to say goodbye to his uncle, who is heading back to Puerto Rico, Antonio’s dog picks up the mini hamburger toy and takes it with him as they leave.


It was a sweet moment between two dogs, while also being a poignant moment for Will, who has been searching for his family since Will Trent began. While he now has an uncle who wants to be a part of his life, in this case it looks like his uncle will be leaving Georgia, at least for the time being.

All three of these moments with Betty worked within the storyline and actually added to these scenes. And that is what we love to see. Will Trent knows how much we appreciate these Betty moments and they make them count every time.

What did you think of this episode? Did you love the different Betty moments as much as we did?

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