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Will Trent Characters, Ranked By Likability

Will Trent has a wonderful cast, many of which are very likeable characters, including the most troubled and guarded ones.

Will Trent might be just another police procedural, but something about the premise has struck a chord with viewers. It’s the unique story of an agent who has not only overcome his childhood trauma and dyslexia but uses both to fuel his uncanny ability to piece together crime scenes like no other.

Along with the story, the cast of characters truly makes Will Trent so watchable. Fans feel connected to many of the characters, even the most troubled ones, and want to root for them to come out on top. But not all of them are as likable as others.

James Ulster
Played by Greg Germann

Greg Germann as James Ulster with Ramon Rodriguez as Will Trent in an interrogation room

James Ulster is the least likable in this police procedural with a twist. Along with being the killer who murdered Will’s biological mother and left him for dead as a baby, he toys with Will and taunts him about it. James could very well also be Will’s biological father, and the fact that he dangles that carrot in front of Will makes him a sick human being.

Along with harming Angie and leaving her on the brink of death, James was a lawyer who took an oath to help and protect people. Yet he did the exact opposite. He’s the worst kind of human, and fans suspect there will be much more of him in season 2.

Paul Campano
Played By Mark-Paul Gosselaar

Paul from Will Trent looking stunned.

Paul, played by Mark-Paul Gosselaar who also appears on Found, one of the best TV shows of 2023, was only in a few episodes, but there’s potential for him to return as a recurring character. He’s an egotistical and stereotypical rich man who values appearances and material things over people. However, when it’s revealed that he grew up in the same orphanage as Will and thus dealt with his own hardships, fans develop a soft spot for him.

Nonetheless, knowing that he terrorized Will as a child by constantly poking fun at him and continues to do so in adulthood makes Paul one of the most unlikable of the bunch. But he does have some redeeming qualities. His vulnerability and appreciation when he needs Will’s help show that he is working on becoming a better person.

Played By Kevin Daniels

Franklin sitting at his desk talking in a scene from Will Trent.

Franklin is only seen sparingly, usually interacting with Angie and Ormewood in the office. He’s another agent who happens to be Angie’s sponsor. He’s always there to offer sage advice whenever she is having a rough time. He looks out for her and always tries to do right by her, even protecting her when she might not deserve it because he knows she’s a good cop.

He also understands and respects her complicated relationship with Will. While Franklin never oversteps boundaries, he’s not afraid to throw down the gauntlet when he knows it’s needed. He seems like a level-headed man who got his life in order after going through tough times and dedicates his life to helping others.

Michael Ormewood
Played By Jake McLaughlin

Ormewood from Will Trent standing by a window looking upset

Michael Ormewood, called Ormewood by his friends and colleagues, is one of those characters fans initially love to hate but then grow to sympathize with. He isn’t particularly nice to Will, hating when Will interferes with his cases and resenting him for being better at solving them. It’s also revealed that he cheated on his wife with Angie and likely many others.

When Ormewood, however, is faced with the potential loss of his wife and family, he pleads for forgiveness and tries to be a better husband and father. Through the episodes, he also seems to warm to Will. He still ribs the special agent but also learns to work with him and respect his abilities.

Played By Cora Lu Tran

A close-up of Nico with blue hair holding a dog in Will Trent.

Nico is a young non-binary character Will encounters while investigating a case. He relates to them because they remind him of himself when he was their age. On their own and fending for themselves, sometimes resorting to crime to make ends meet, Will takes Nico in and hires them as a live-in dog sitter.

Nico initially tests boundaries by stealing from Will. But when they realize they can trust him, they become great friends. Nico is always there when Will needs them to care for his pup and shows great love for the job. Once Nico found their purpose, they seemingly turned things around.

Evelyn Mitchell
Played By LisaGay Hamilton

Evelyn standing with her hands on the back of a chair talking to Faith in Will Trent.

Revealed as Faith’s mother, Evelyn only shows up when Faith struggles to cope with her job trauma. She appears to be a tough but fair and sweet mother. A former captain who dedicated 30 years of her life to serving, she resents Will because his actions led to her early removal from the force.

Evelyn, however, puts things aside for the greater good and the sake of her daughter. It’s revealed that she might not be the bad person Will made her out to be, caught in the crossfire of a more complicated situation. Fans hope to see more of Evelyn down the line as a confident woman with a respectable career who has had to deal with an unfairly tarnished reputation.

Amanda Wagner
Played By Sonja Sohn

Amanda looking annoyed standing at a doorway on Will Trent

Amanda commands the room and the GBI office as Deputy Director. Everyone fears and respects her, and she likes it that way. It’s her relationship with Will, however, that has fans loving her the most. How she came to know Will and why she feels so deeply connected to him is revealed later. But what’s most important is that she respects his abilities while also understanding his limitations and trauma and balances this beautifully. She will loosen the rope and allow him to do what he needs to but will draw a line when it needs to be drawn.

Amanda is like a mother figure to Will, and she has been more important to his life than he realized for a long time. But Will is also massively important to hers, and she isn’t afraid to let down her guard when it matters and let him know that.

Angie Polaski
Played By Erika Christensen

Angie sitting in a store looking back at the door in Will Trent.

Angie has many layers, making her one of the show’s most complex characters. A recovering addict and homicide detective, as well as a woman who grew up in the same group home as Will, Angie has managed to deal with many of her demons. She still deals with issues, temptation, and bad decisions, but she gets wrapped up in her job or Will enough to distract herself.

While Will seems to want to push his trauma aside, Angie is very self-aware of both hers and his. She’s someone Will can lean on and trust, which is one reason fans adore the character. Even if she’s a little rough around the edges, she’s also a fiercely strong woman who will put herself on the line to help other young girls she believes are being mistreated like she was. She is to be admired for those qualities.

Faith Mitchell
Played By Iantha Richardson

A close-up of Faith outside on Will Trent.

Will was so used to working alone that he wasn’t happy when Amanda forced him to have a new partner. But Faith knew exactly how to handle him, and the two quickly grew close. She’s guarded and has had her own rough life, including her mother’s disgrace and dealing with a teenage pregnancy, a failed relationship, and being a single mother. But she’s also stronger for it.

Faith has shown tremendous resilience and insight on cases, even able at times to keep up with Will. She respects his methods when she sees them work and is open to learning from him. But she also teaches him something about interacting with others and not being afraid to show his emotions. She instantly picks up on his dyslexia and encourages him not to view it as a detriment but more as a gift, making her both a partner and a friend.

Will Trent
Played By Ramón Rodríguez

Will Trent sitting on a table, hand in his pocket in a scene from the show of the same name.

It’s no surprise that the series’ title character is the most likable. Will does not play well with others, but the opening scene, when he becomes enamored with a lost dog and can’t bear to part with it when he realizes the pup might be euthanized, shows that there’s a softer side to Will. He refuses to show it.

Despite his trauma and desire to hold his feelings inside and throw himself into his work, Will has a good heart. He’s a caring person who was dealt a rough hand in life. Because of this, he becomes laser-focused on cases to solve them and help people, especially those who grew up like him. He beats himself up at times, angered about his dyslexia. But he’s also highly confident in himself, recognizing his accomplishments with all the odds stacked against him.

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