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Betty’s wonderful moments

Episode 8 of Will Trent was all about solving cases, going into the past, and learning that Betty is being spoiled by her followers.

WILL TRENT - ÒWhy Is Jack's Arm Bleeding?Ó - After discovering the body of a missing girl 13 years later, Will and Faith reopen the case leading to Will experiencing frequent flashbacks as they uncover the truth. Meanwhile, Angie and Ormewood investigate the death of a veteran. TUESDAY, MAY 7 (8:00-9:00 p.m. EDT) on ABC. (Disney/Eric McCandless) BLUEBELL

Will Trent knows what we want in every episode. We want a solid case of the week (or two), more looks into the lives of our main characters, and plenty of Betty moments. And episode 8 of the second season gave us all of that.

A big thing that we have been watching in Season 2 of Will Trent, is Will dealing with flashbacks and repressed memories coming to the surface. And after the events of the last episode, when we saw Will and Angie get back together, it seems like this was Will’s time to truly remember what he had forgotten.

However, before Will could really dive into his memories, we got an impressive Betty morning. We are talking Betty getting feisty over her dad ignoring her in favor of Angie, and even getting her very own Amazon package. It turns out that Betty’s social media fans are actually buying things for her off of an Amazon wish list!

The gift Betty received from one of her followers was actually a tiny squeaky burger toy! And it was such a cute moment as Will tossed the toy to his pup.

Will Trent' Renewed for Season 2 on ABC

After Angie leaves to head into work, Will starts trying to figure out why he is seeing his younger self. And while it ends up with him on the floor, it doesn’t last long as his uncle arrives to go with him to the park with their dogs. It was a necessary break for Will, because it was clear that he needed to step away from his own thoughts for a bit.

Once Will got to work, things seemed to come to a head, as he had a case to solve and that case triggered some of his own memories. And by the end of the episode, not only did he solve his case with Faith, but he also remembered exactly what happened in his past. While it was truly traumatic, he needed to remember for himself and it was also a chance for him to connect with his uncle, as he ended up telling him the memory.


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In the final moments of the episode we got more Betty moments, as we saw Will getting comfort from his pup after his memories returned. And that’s not all as we also saw Angie and Will being honest with each other, with Betty being a connection for them.

Will Trent consistently delivers brilliant episodes and this was no exception. We love how they utilize Betty in the episodes in a way that works and doesn’t seem forced. And at the same time, the cases are always so engaging as well.

What did you think of this episode of Will Trent? Did you love the Betty moments in episode 8?

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