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Will Trent Season 3’s Renewal Shows One Remarkable Change Since Season 1 (& Makes Its Future Exciting)

ABC has renewed Will Trent for season 3, indicating how much the procedural drama series has improved since season 1 premiered in January 2023.

Ramon Rodriguez as Will Trent and Iantha Richardson as Faith Mitchell in Will Trent.

During a time when network television is seemingly slowly dying while streaming is on the rise, Will Trent has beaten the odds and scored a season 3 renewal as it has only gotten better with age. The ABC procedural crime drama television series, created by Karin Slaughter, Liz Heldens, and Daniel T. Thomsen, is based on Slaughter’s popular book series of the same name and premiered in January 2023. While the majority of network dramas are canceled after their first seasons nowadays, Will Trent performed relatively well for ABC, resulting in a season 2 renewal before the season 1 finale.

The cast of Will Trent includes Ramón Rodríguez as the titular character, Erika Christensen as Angie Polaski, Iantha Richardson as Faith Mitchell, Jake McLaughlin as Michael Ormewood, and Sonja Sohn as Amanda Wagner. Of course, the talented performers had a hand in the show’s success, but the source material (and established fan base), thoughtful and complex character development, and intriguing cases also have helped Will Trent last for (at least) three seasons. Will Trent stands out from other standard police procedurals, which is why it has improved since season 1 and landed a season 3 renewal.

Will Trent’s Season 3 Renewal Comes After Almost 50% Ratings Increase

Ramon Rodriguez as Will looking down at a photo in Will Trent season 2 episode 3

Will Trent season 1 was ABC’s number one new drama series in terms of total viewers and Nielsen’s ratings in the adults 18-49 category (per Deadline). Consequently, the season 2 renewal wasn’t surprising. It seemed almost impossible for the show’s viewership numbers and ratings to increase with its second season, though, as most series experience a decrease over time. However, a miracle happened when Will Trent season 2 was released — its ratings improved by almost 50 percent (via TV Series Finale).

Will Trent season 2’s ratings for day/night-of viewings have increased by 46 percent from season 1, a massive feat that is almost unprecedented in the modern age of network television. The ABC procedural drama is also up on seven-day ratings, which account for DVR recordings and streaming views. Deadline reported that Will Trent season 2, episode 3 accumulated 9.02 million views from ABC, Hulu, and other digital platforms, making “You Don’t Have to Understand” the show’s most-watched multi-platform episode ever. As a result, Will Trent is one of ABC’s biggest shows viewership-wise, only trailing behind Grey’s Anatomy.

According to TV Series Finale, the ratings for the five aired episodes of Will Trent season 2 are:

Why Will Trent Is Increasingly Popular On ABC

Will Trent Frowning in Will Trent Season 2 Episode 2

The shocking ending of Will Trent season 2, episode 1 proves why the ABC procedural drama’s popularity is increasing. Suppose the writers of a network television show that had a successful first season are able to continuously elevate the series (and not succumb to the sophomore slump) by building upon its established compelling narrative. In that case, the ratings will reflect its elevated quality and the cast and crew’s hard work, which is why Will Trent has triumphed on ABC. The season 2 premiere took what season 1 built regarding the characters and their stories and pushed them even further.

[ Will Trent ]’s early renewal is undoubtedly due to the absurd increase in ratings, and the network seemingly (and rightfully so) has faith that the series will only continue to grow as the years go on.

Will Trent season 2 is answering questions lingering from the season 1 finale, while simultaneously posing new ones, creating gripping overarching stories, and further exploring the characters’ complicated pasts (especially Will’s). The early 2024 episodes even make Ormewood likable, which seemed impossible following his crude behavior and annoying character traits displayed throughout season 1. Plus, the writers still have the ability to shock the audience (as proven by the season 2 premiere), which keeps people coming back for more and tuning in every Tuesday to watch what happens next.

Will Trent’s Ratings & Season 3 Renewal Is Great For Its Future

Ramón Rodríguez as Will Trent and Susan Kelechi Watson as Cricket Dawson in Will Trent season 2, episode 1.

ABC renewed Will Trent for season 3 while the show was halfway through airing its second season (containing 10 episodes total), which is an extremely positive sign concerning its future on the network. The procedural drama’s early renewal is undoubtedly due to the absurd increase in ratings, and the network seemingly (and rightfully so) has faith that the series will only continue to grow as the years go on. Consequently, Will Trent’s future is bright as it will likely be around for a long time.

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