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Grey’s Anatomy Season 20 Finale Teases A Massive Crossover With Station 19’s Final Episodes

As Grey’s Anatomy season 20 nears its finale, the beloved medical drama may yet again crossover with its spin-off series, Station 19, which focuses on the lives of those who work in the titular Seattle fire station. More often than not, Station 19 characters find their way to Grey Sloan in the wake of disasters. The popular shows have even gone all-in on multi-episode crossover narratives. But with both series boasting just 10 episodes each, a proper crossover event isn’t likely. Still, that doesn’t mean Grey’s Anatomy won’t deal with the fallout from Station 19’s penultimate episode.

ABC announced that Station 19 season 7 would be the series’ last installment, which means the remaining episodes of the spin-off will culminate in a series finale. As with any Shonda Rhimes-produced show, Station 19 loves a dramatic — and a tragic — twist of fate. While the network has been understandably tight-lipped when it comes to Station 19 season 7, episode 10’s synopsis, the penultimate episode’s description reveals that Station 19’s cast of characters will have to protect Seattle from an out-of-control wildfire, which, in turn, could have huge consequences for Grey’s Anatomy’s finale.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 20, Episode 10’s Title Teases A Station 19 Crossover
Grey’s Anatomy’s Final Episode Is Called “Burn It Down”

Jason George as Ben Warren and Chandra Wilson as Miranda Bailey in Grey's Anatomy season 20 episode 5

Station 19 season 7, episode 9, “How Am I Supposed to Live Without You,” airs on May 23, 2024, after Grey’s Anatomy season 20, episode 9, “I Carry Your Heart.” That means whatever happens in Station 19’s ninth episode has the potential to shape the Grey’s Anatomy season finale, which airs the following week on Thursday, May 30. Adding more fuel to the metaphorical fire is the recently revealed title of Grey’s Anatomy season 20, episode 10. Called “Burn It Down,” the upcoming episode of Grey’s immediately conjures thoughts of Station 19’s firefighters.

Grey’s Anatomy ‘s “Burn It Down” could also serve as a continuation of the wildfire plotline started in Station 19’s penultimate episode.

Even if the surgeons at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital are just dealing with the fallout of a massive wildfire, Station 19’s impact on Grey’s Anatomy’s characters — and even on the episode’s themes — could be major. Known for its disaster-filled season finales, Grey’s Anatomy’s “Burn It Down” could also serve as a continuation of the wildfire plotline started in Station 19’s penultimate episode. No matter the case, the way Station 19’s team decides to end the 7-season series will have an undeniable effect on Grey’s Anatomy, and on crossover characters like Ben Warren (Jason George).

Kevin McKidd Called The Grey’s Anatomy Season 20 Finale “Fiery”
The Owen Hunt Actor’s Description Might Be Too On The Nose

Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) looking concerned in Grey's Anatomy season 20

In an interview, Kevin McKidd, who plays Dr. Owen Hunt, referred to the Grey’s Anatomy season 20 finale as “fiery.” While it could have been a poor choice of words, it feels more like a hint about what’s yet to come. The descriptor could be interpreted in many different ways, as could the episode title, “Burn It Down.” It doesn’t necessarily confirm that Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital or any of its surgeons are in imminent danger. At the same time, Camilla Luddington, who plays Dr. Jo Wilson, called the finale an edge-of-your-seat affair (via TVOverMind).

Station 19’s Wildfire Plot Would Be A Fitting End To The Grey’s Anatomy Season Too
A Classic Grey’s Anatomy Disaster Episode Is Just What The Show Needs

Josh Randall as Sean, Barrett Doss as Vic, Jaina Lee Ortiz as Andy, Danielle Savre as Maya, Jason George as Ben, Jay Hayden as Travis and Boris Kodjoe as Sully in Station 19 season 7, episode 7

With just a 10-episode season, Grey’s Anatomy has been comparatively light on the drama or overarching plots, aside from Meredith Grey’s (Ellen Pompeo) ongoing Alzheimer’s research or Simone and Lucas’ will-they-won’t-they relationship. A classic Grey’s Anatomy disaster episode could be just what the show needs to leave viewers wanting more as the season comes to a close. The Grey’s Anatomy season 19 cliffhanger was one for the books, but the show hasn’t had a proper disaster episode in quite some time. As more of the original or long-standing cast members leave the show, Grey Sloan could use a shakeup of its own.

[A] hospital-threatening wildfire help up the stakes for the Grey’s Anatomy season finale…

Given that Station 19 is a spin-off of Grey’s Anatomy, with Ben Warren and Dr. Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) serving as a vital link between the two shows, it’s possible that Station 19’s penultimate episode could see the firehouse squad protecting Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Not only would a hospital-threatening wildfire help up the stakes for the Grey’s Anatomy season finale, but it would be a fitting send-off for Station 19, and a great way to bring in threads from its parent series one last time.

“Burn It Down” Could Also Be A Reference To Meredith Grey’s Alzheimer’s Research
The Grey’s Anatomy Season 20 Finale Title Could Have Multiple Meanings

Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey in Grey's Anatomy season 20, episode 5-1

While Station 19 is beloved, Grey’s Anatomy is a history-making phenomenon, so pulling the show into Station 19’s series finale is a bold — and incredibly smart — move. At the same time, the very clear-cut “Burn It Down” title could be something of a red herring. One of the show’s few season-long plotlines has been Meredith’s cutting-edge Alzheimer’s research, which, if proven correct, essentially nullifies all traditional beliefs about the disease. Meredith has carefully hidden her research from her funder, Catherine Fox (Debbie Allen), but it’s possible Dr. Grey will metaphorically burn it all down in the Grey’s Anatomy season 20 finale.

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