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Fire Country Season 2 Finale Confirmed To End With Major Wedding

Fire Country season 2 will end with a wedding, as stars Billy Burke and Stephanie Arcila have teased what will happen in the final episode. The wedding between Gabriela (Arcila) and Diego (Rafael de la Fuente) has been teased for some time, a key moment following her breaking things off with Bode between seasons. It was unclear when the event would be happening, as it seemingly cements the protagonist won’t be getting back together with her.

Speaking with TV Insider, Arcila and Burke – the latter of whom portrays Bode’s father, Vince – confirm Fire Country season 2 will end with the wedding between Gabriela and Diego. The stars discuss how important the wedding is going to be, with Gabriela in particular having to wrestle with this new stage of her life. Check out what Arcila and Burke had to say about the finale below:

Billy Burke : There will be a wedding. What transpires at that wedding is in question, and Bode might be rethinking his relationship status in the whole scheme of what he’s got in front of him.

Stephanie Arcila : Everyone is going to be shocked in every character, all the twists that come with each and every character. It’s a very emotional episode as well, especially for Manny. And I don’t think people are going to expect what’s to come. It’s going to keep you on your toes.

There’s a lot going on in life and in [Gabriela’s] mind a lot to process and then go get married while you’re processing everything…

She’s overwhelmed. And I think she’s nervous. She wants to make the right decision for herself, for her family. So I think realistically, you’d want more time to go through all of these things, but in the field that everybody works in, there’s not really much time. They feel a lot, but I also think they both don’t know where they’re going to be left because the way that the episode ends, you’ll see why. The way that the episode ends, I don’t know how they feel where they both stand. I think they’re both really just hurt and confused and trying to keep it together.

What Will Happen During Fire Country’s Big Wedding?
It Will Be A Major Day For Many Important Characters

Despite her previous relationships with both Bode and Jake, Gabriela’s wedding will seemingly still involve the pair being present, likely supportive of their friend. However, due to the underlying feelings still present between her and the show’s main character, it’s setting the stage for something very meaningful to happen between the pair in the finale. However, since Diego has been her boyfriend for a lengthy amount of time, it’s unclear how much her relationship with him will be impacted, nor the wedding that seems to be going through no matter what.

Arcila’s comments also indicate Manny will have a key role during the final episode, unsurprising given it’s his daughter’s big day. However, since Manny does care about Bode as well, he could end up having surprising hidden feelings, vocalizing conflicting feelings about his daughter’s decision, depending on how the wedding unfolds. Even so, it doesn’t seem like he would want to disrupt the wedding either, as he’d want Gabriela to be happy no matter his inner thoughts about her decision to marry Diego.

However, with Arcila teasing that some unexpected surprises might be in store for the finale, there could be plenty of twists and turns as Gabriela’s feelings finally arrive at the surface. While it’s unclear what this means for how the event plays out, it could set the stage for a more intense Fire Country season 3. This is especially true if something wild transpires, such as her calling off the wedding due to still wrestling with how she really feels. With plenty of possibilities, the season 2 finale is setting up an intense final event for its characters.

What Other Stories Will Fire Country’s Season 2 Finale Address?
Characters Like Bode & Jake Have Unfinished Stories

Jordan Calloway as Jake Crawford and Max Thieriot as Bode Leone in Fire Country season 2, episode 7

While Gabriela and Diego’s marriage is going to be the main focus of the season 2 finale, the drama still has plenty of unfinished stories the episode should address. One major storyline involves Bode not being Genevive’s father, a paternity test proving the two are not related by blood. However, when Cara died in season 2, episode 5, he promised to continue looking after her daughter, under the impression she was his. Jake ended up adopting the girl in season 2, episode 7, but it’s still something the show’s protagonist needs to wrestle with after everything that transpired.

In addition to Bode’s personal struggles and Jake’s assistance with them, other characters are dealing with their own issues that are bound to crop up in the finale. This includes Vince struggling with his health after a near-death experience, as well as tension between Manny and his brother Luke that continues to permeate their storylines. Since every character is going through their own struggle, it would make sense for the wedding to be the focal point where everything comes to a head. If this does happen, then it could be the most chaotic episode of the show so far.

How Fire Country’s Wedding Can Set Up Season 3
Plenty Of Character Stories Can Carry Over Into The Next Batch Of Episodes

Bode looking tired and dirty while a firefighter is screaming in Fire Country

However, the biggest story of the season is still Gabriela’s decision to marry Diego, despite still seemingly harboring feelings for Bode. Her experiences will be pivotal to laying the groundwork for season 3, as it’s possible she will make a last-minute decision after weighing her feelings more thoroughly. Alongside this, the episode could even feature surprise references to the upcoming Sheriff Country, despite the series not being slated for release until late 2025. However, there’s no telling what exactly the setup for the franchise’s future could be.

Fire Country also still has one more episode before the season 2 finale, which means any number of storylines could be confronted and resolved before Gabriela’s wedding happens. Since season 2 has been full of twists and turns throughout, it would make sense for the next episode to establish something that has major repercussions during the wedding. With two episodes left in season 2, it remains to be seen what will happen as this chapter of the show draws to a close.

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