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What’s Going On With The Chrisleys’ New Reality TV Show?

In April, Todd and Julie Chrisley took a major step towards trying to get their bank fraud sentences overturned. The legal team for the married couple, who are currently serving time in separate prisons, gave oral arguments during an appeal hearing in Georgia. Now, they must wait for the court to deliberate on the sentiments shared by their lawyers and the prosecutors. Their daughter, Savannah Chrisley, has been steadily keeping the public abreast of her parents’ situation, providing updates frequently. Now, though, as the family awaits word on the appeal, Savannah has provided an update on their new reality TV show.


What’s Going On With The Chrisleys’ New Reality TV Show?
Ahead of the legal woes that began to befall the Chrisley parental figures several years ago, they and their kids were widely known for their reality TV show, Chrisley Knows Best. The program ran for 10 seasons between 2014 and 2023, before it was canceled due to Julie and Todd being found guilty of multiple financial-related offenses. It was revealed in early 2023, however, that another Chrisley show was in the works and that it would chronicle the couple’s legal struggles. News on the production has been slim since then, but Savannah recently provided an optimistic update, complete with details regarding what she envisions for the series’ direction:

When it comes to [the] whole reality show, all of those things, everyone’s just trying to get on the same page. … Other than [a] reality show, the moment Mom and Dad come home, I guarantee you, we have already been told everyone is going to want that footage. But right now my heart is telling me to focus on a show that’s more true crime, that focuses on the case and the ins and outs of it and everything I am doing with prison reform.

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The comments the 26-year-old media personality shared during an installment of her Unlocked Podcast seem to indicate that production is moving forward. It’s also interesting that she apparently wants to truly lean into the legal aspects of the proposed small-screen offering, specifically her crusade for prison reform. As for how close the series actually is to coming to fruition, she said they’re in “final negotiations” with a network. She also shared the following during the show, which was shared on YouTube:

A network wanted to see the true grit behind this whole case. So we are working on that, and I’m really excited for that because that’s kind of what God has placed on my heart. God has placed on my heart to work on a project that is going to change the lives of millions of people, and I truly do believe that that’s what this can do.

Savannah Chrisley, who appeared on reality TV show Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test amid her parents’ incarceration, has seemingly been a driving force behind this endeavor. Certainly it’ll keep her busy for the near future, but there’s still the matter of her parents.

What’s Going On With Todd And Julie Chrisley At This Time?

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Todd Chrisley is presently serving 10 years at Federal Prison Camp in Florida, while Julie is contending with a five-year sentence at the Kentucky-based Lexington Medical Center. (Their current prison stints mark reductions from their initial sentences, which were shortened last year.) Savannah updated fans with the news of the appeal hearing amid Thanksgiving 2023. The oral arguments were heard on Friday, April 19, and Savannah was present. After it concluded she revealed how Todd and Julie were feeling, saying that they tuned in and watched the proceedings play out.

During the hearing, family attorney Alex Little alleged that the prosecutors made errors during his clients’ 2022 trial. Amid his argument, he claimed that a IRS officer who testified wrongly asserted that the couple owed additional taxes when they did not. Prosecutors later argued that they were unaware that those financial debts had been paid. Little also argued that there was insufficient evidence to justify the charges against the Chrisleys. Keeping all of the legal drama in mind, it’s hard to argue with the notion that a portion of viewers would be eager to watch the family’s situation play out on the small screen.

There are still logistics that apparently need to be ironed out for the Chrisleys’ new show, though. That includes just how much Julie and Todd would actually appear throughout it as well. Regardless of that though, it sounds like Savannah is not only still hoping to have her parents home soon but also wants her family’s situation documented on TV. We’ll see if such a show ends up debuting as part of the 2024 TV schedule or beyond.

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