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Todd, Julie, Savannah, and Grayson Chrisley Sued Over 2022 Car Crash

It’s starting to look like Chrisley doesn’t know best. In addition to Todd and Julie Chrisley’s legal troubles and lengthy prison sentences, the couple now has a lawsuit to handle.

Grayson Chrisley Is 'Bitter' While Parents Todd & Julie Are in Prison

According to RadarOnline, a man named Patrick Rykwalder is suing the reality TV family, including Savannah Chrisley, over a car accident that occurred in late 2022. Whew. Wherever the cameras are for that new reality show they’re filming, I hope they’re capturing all of this because it’s just too good to pass up.

Grayson and Co. are being accused of distracted driving and traveling at a high rate of speed

According to the legal documents, the Plaintiff was driving his vehicle on Interstate 65 in Tennessee in late November. He stated that he was stopped due to heavy traffic in front of him.

At approximately 5:15 P.M., Grayson Chrisley was driving a 2020 Ford 5150. “Suddenly and without warning [he] recklessly slammed his vehicle into the read end of [Mr. Rykwalder’s] motor vehicle at a high rate of speed.”

He accused the youngster of being a “distracted driver.” He later said Grayson failed to pay “attention to the roadway in the moments immediately” before the crash.

The documents stated that Grayson “failed to act appropriately under the circumstances,” including keeping a safe distance, operating at a safe speed, and staying off of electronic devices “within his motor vehicle.”

“Had Defendant, Grayson M. Chrisley, been paying attention to the roadway in front of him, this crash would not have occurred,” the lawsuit read. Mr. Rykwalder is demanding damages between $25K to $750K.

Todd and Julie, who are currently fighting their prison sentences for fraud, responded to the claims and denied all accusations made by the Plaintiff.

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