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Below Deck Mediterranean Season 9: Who Is New Deckhand Joe Bradley?

Guess what my fellow land-dwellers? Bravo’s found themselves another Joe Bradley. Right now, we’ve already got Joe #1 over on Southern Hospitality. As for Joe #2, he’s going to be our latest wild deckhand popping up on Below Deck Mediterranean Season 9.

Joe Bradley, Below Deck Med

Even though they have the same name, these two Joes are very different. One had an alleged fling with Luann de Lesseps, and he works on dry land. The other is currently presenting as a single and ready-to-mingle yachtie, who clearly works over international waters. Although, if I’m being honest, this Joe could also be a match for our Countess one day, as he could help to save her from any future run-ins with pirates.

Since we already know a lot about Joe #1, let’s now dive into the deets on Joe #2. Who is this Joe? Will he be bringing the heat, or will he be staying out of the fires on BDM Season 9?

Joe’s job experience


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Bài viết do Joe Bradley (@joebradley_) chia sẻ

According to Joe’s Bravo bio, he’ll be coming on board with three years of experience in the yachting industry. Now, he’s further adding to his resume, bringing his expertise onboard Below Deck Med’s motor yacht Mustique. As for his skill set, his Instagram page boasts many yacht-life images, some of which are very recent. He’s also got several images of his scuba diving, jet skiing, and surfing jaunts, showing that he digs all things water-related.

Oh. Joe also digs leaving his top buttons undone. That is, when he’s wearing a shirt at all. Abs are stupid, I typed, wishing that mine were not so…hidden, unlike Joe’s.

Moving on, when the network asked this deckie about his wildest charter story ever, Joe answered, “There was a Catamaran crash in Italy. A huge Catamaran lost power and crashed against all the boats.” Yikes. But hey, at least he gained this experience, and can better think quickly should a disaster like this ever arise again.

Speaking of disasters, Joe also had at least one rough experience with an awful charter guest. When asked about the smallest tip that he’s ever received thus far in his yachting career, Joe replied “I had a guy onboard who owned a nut packaging company and I got a packet of nuts. They weren’t even salted.”

Those bastards.

Fun facts from Joe’s preference sheet


Xem bài viết này trên Instagram


Bài viết do Joe Bradley (@joebradley_) chia sẻ

Whenever a new season drops on Bravo, the network briefly introduces its latest crew members to the masses. After each new star fills out their preference-like sheets, these random facts about each newbie go live online. As for Joe’s responses, these are his main aspects supplied, detailing not only his hometown but also the things that make him the happiest in this life.

This new deckhand hails from Alicante, Spain. Born on March 18, Joe’s a Pisces. This means nothing to me. But, if you’re into zodiac signs, let this little fact guide your thought processes on what Joe might be bringing to the deck, or this series in general.

If you’re wondering what Joe likes, he’s listed several things that make him say yasssss. These likes include “Rock climbing, go-karting, motorbikes, the awe of sunsets, dancing, playing the guitar, piano, and swimming.” In addition to his guitar skills, Joe also plays the piano, and he can even “speak fluent Spanish.” Should any rainy days arise, causing the guests to request another crew member-led talent show, these skills will come in handy on BDM Season 9.

Not appearing alongside Joe this season is one more thing that makes him truly happy. And this response of his is s’cute. “The most beautiful, kind, and powerful woman this world has to offer … my mother,” Joe gushed.

I hope that my kids talk about me like this one day. With these same exact adjectives given.

What the sneak peek teases about Joe

Oh, Joe. In the Below Deck Med Season 9 sneak peek that just dropped, Joe appears to be a bit of a player. First, a woman’s voice announces “Joe, I’m liking his vibe.” After this, he’s seen in the back of a taxi, making out with Elena Dubaich.

Following this little PDA session, Joe quips that his actions are “not called hoe-ing,” they’re “called Joe-ing.” He then laughs about his little explainer, as he continues to work on deck. Several clips later, he pops up again, telling someone off-screen to “forget about the boyfriend.” The scene then cuts to him and Elena, dressed in matching 80’s inspired attire, looking pretty in sync.

But then, during a crew’s night off, as the two are dancing, Joe asks Elena “Am I your Ken?” She replies “Yes,” but then it cuts to the next scene, where this boatmance unravels. In this, Elena talks to Bri Muller, her fellow stew, stating that Joe’s hers. At this, the cameras cut to a steamy hot tub scene, guest starring Bri and Joe.

“I’m a prick. And I’m sorry,” Joe later says to Elena. She’s not here for it though. Yet, knowing how this series works, she may still choose to forgive and forget. On this though, I’m happy to be wrong.

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