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What Happened Between Jake and Paris on Below Deck?

Jake Foulger was engaged to Paris Field when he appeared on Below Deck Season 9, but where do they stand today? Get details.

While viewers are used to seeing boatmances between two yachties take place on board during any given season of Below Deck, the one between Jake Foulger and Paris Field unfolded off-camera.

Who Is Paris Field From Below Deck? Here's What We Know

When Jake appeared on Season 9 of the series as a deckhand, he was in a long-distance relationship with a woman named Paris from Australia. At the time, he said that the two were in a non-monogamous relationship, so he was free to explore his connections with others. Fast-forward to Season 11 of the show, and Paris herself joined the St. David crew as a stew after Cat Baugh’s departure.

By the time Paris got on board the mega yacht, her romance with Jake was long over, and she clarified a few things about their relationship on the May 13 episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

More specifically, Paris revealed that she ended her relationship with Jake after the Season 9 charter season concluded, and that she wasn’t under the impression that they were in an open relationship.

“So this was a really long time ago…” she said on WWHL about what happened between her and Jake. Then, she went on to explain that she found out Jake had been “hooking up with everyone [on the boat],” and she wasn’t thrilled when she watched it back.

“He was a tosser. He made me look like an idiot, and he told everyone that I wanted a U.K. passport,” she said about how Jake had told the other crew members that the two were together so Paris could get one. “I was like, ‘I’m fine with my Australian one, what are you talking about?'”

A split of Paris Field and Jake Foulger.

Are Jake and Paris friends today?
After a bit of a messy breakup, Paris revealed if she’s still in touch with the fellow yachtie today when WWHL host Andy Cohen asked Paris if she still follows Jake on Instagram.

“Yeah,” she said about the Instagram follow. “We’re still friends. I don’t know if that says a lot.”

Is Paris Field currently dating anyone?
Since her split, Paris has moved on in her romantic life.

“Yes, I do have a boyfriend,” Paris shared on WWHL, before revealing that her boyfriend is not a yachtie, “He’s a landie.”

She also shared that she’s been taking a bit of a break from yachting.

“Here and there,” she said about how often she works on boats. “Only when they need me. Because I did five years, and my back hurts.”

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