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Below Deck’s Dylan Pierre De Villiers Considers Committing “Fireable Offense” With Charter Guests

Below Deck season 11’s deckhand Dylan Pierre De Villiers is newer than others on the St. David, but he knows the rules of the superyacht and is still considering breaking them in a new preview clip. Dylan, the newest member of the exterior crew aboard the St. David, has had some difficulty finding his place on the superyacht. Though he’s been able to fit in well with the crew, he’s still struggled in handling authority and knowing how to read some of the social cues that the women of the interior and exterior have been giving off throughout the season.

Below Deck's Dylan Pierre De Villiers wears a blue shirt and holds up his pointer finger; in another montage image, he's wearing white and looks serious.

In a preview clip for the next Below Deck season 11 episode, Dylan considers breaking a cardinal rule by hooking up with one of the charter guests.

In a preview clip from the next episode of Bravo’s Below Deck season 8, courtesy of Decider, Dylan shares that he’s considering breaking one of the cardinal rules of working aboard a guest-serving yacht: hooking up with one of the charter guests. He gets into a sticky situation playing Truth Or Dare with a group of the young women aboard the St. David for a charter with their parents. “I’m just thinking to myself, Dylan? Is this a good idea?” Dylan ponders in an interview segment, before taking his shirt off to dance for the girls.

He explains that he understands he’s between a rock and a hard place flirting with guests, listing off the reasons it would be a bad idea. “Number one, Kerry’s gonna skin [my] balls. Number two, it is a fireable offense,” Dylan shares with the camera, before opting to ask the girls for their Instagram handles. “I know there is a risk factor in this, and I decide to play it on the safe side.”

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Chef Nick Tatlock Has Committed A Fireable Offense

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While Dylan was able to escape the fireable offense of fraternizing with a charter guest, he isn’t the only person who’s been struggling through the final charters of the season aboard the St. David. While Dylan has been dealing with flirty guests, Fraser Olender and Paris Field have been struggling with new chef Nick Tatlock’s behavior. Though it’s not likely that any of those three will be fired before the final charter of the season, Nick’s behavior has been difficult for Paris specifically, which made service in the last charter tough and could lead to further reprimand from Captain Kerry.

With so little time left aboard the St. David, it’sunlikely that Captain Kerry will fire anyone else aboard the superyacht after losing three crew members throughout the charter season. Regardless, Nick has committed a fireable offense with the way he spoke to Paris in the previous episode of Below Deck season 11, and it appears that the issues continue for the chef and the stew in the next episode. While the duo may not get along, Captain Kerry may need to step in and help Nick with his boundaries before the charter season comes to an end.

As Below Deck season 11 comes to a close, the crew has been struggling with their boundaries on all sides, both between each other and in dealing with the guests aboard the superyacht. Though the St. David is almost ready to dock for the season, there are still more charter guests that the crew need to take care of, and Captain Kerry will need to use his best judgment regarding the actions he chooses to take regarding the crew’s behavior. Though Below Deck season 11 has been exciting, the best may be yet to come.

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